Title Type Overview File
Quad Video Processor System ExamplesSystem ExamplesExplanation, block diagrams, and system examples of how AVI’s Quad Video Processor can be used.Quad-Processor-System-Examples (PDF)
SDI and HD Video – A Clear AdvantageWhite PaperBasic description of SDI video standards and how Resolution, Field Of View, Aspect Ratio, and other aspects of SDI video effects surveillance applicationsSDI-and-HD-Video-A-Clear-Advantage (PDF)
SDI Converter System ExamplesSystem ExamplesBlock diagram examples of how AVI’s various video converters can be used.SDI-Converter-System-Examples (PDF)
SDI SMPTE PrimerWhite PaperBasic introduction to Serial Digital Interface (SDI) standards, resolution, and physical characteristics.SDI-SMPTE-primer (PDF)